EU leaders to okay Ukraine's, Moldova's candidacy: EU official

EU leaders' summit to start on Thursday with Western Balkans enlargement, consequences of war on agenda

2022-06-22 16:04:32


EU leaders are expected to approve Ukraine and Moldova's candidate status at their upcoming two-day summit, an EU official said on Wednesday.  

"We expect the European leaders to grant candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova," an EU official, speaking under the condition of anonymity, told reporters ahead of the summit. 

The EU-Western Balkans Summit is set to kick off the reunion on Thursday morning with the participation of EU heads of state and government, along with leaders from Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Talks will focus on possible reforms in the EU enlargement process to facilitate the integration of Western Balkan countries, the EU official said. 

A breakthrough in starting accession talks with North Macedonia may also be on the cards after France prepared a compromise, the source stated, adding that prospects for a final deal depended on how the political crisis in Bulgaria, which has so far blocked negotiations, unfolds. 

As the most important topic of the "geopolitical summit," EU leaders are expected to give a green light for Ukraine and Moldova's candidacy. 

They are also likely to "grant candidate status to Georgia with certain conditions where the (European) Commission will be asked to report" on the developments at a later stage, the EU official explained. 

EU leaders will also talk about the possibility of further sanctions against Russia and support for Ukraine, as well as solutions to the global food shortage. 

On Friday, the summit will continue with discussions on the results of the Conference on Europe and the economy, including inflation and rising energy prices.