More French leaning towards right-wing politics: Survey

Study shows rise in right-wing, decline in left-wing politics

2022-01-27 00:03:58


A recent study of the political climate reflecting the current temperament has reinforced the widely held paradox that more French are leaning towards right-wing politics while subscribing to left-wing ideals of economic and social justice.

The results of the survey titled “Who do the French trust today?' published on Tuesday by Sciences Po University's Center for Political Research (CEVIPOF), revealed that 32% of French people currently position themselves politically on the right – up by 1% since last year – and 11% on the far right – up by 4 %.

Five years ago, only 26% of the respondents said they were on the right.

Respondents on the left side of the political scale saw a decline with 17% in favor (2% less than last year) and 6% (up by 2%) themselves on the extreme left.

The findings of the study are critical indicators in an election year, with the French people set to vote in presidential polls in April.

President Emmanuel Macron's first term involving two years of health crisis has been marked by tough challenges of widespread protests on the economic and health front, growing social distrust, and rising unemployment.

While Macron is still to officially announce his candidacy and the left-wing political side is contested, the right-wing spectrum is gaining momentum whose politicians favor strong French identity, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim policies, and support the choices of anti-vaxxers.

The survey was carried out between Dec. 23, 2021 and Jan. 10, 2022, involving a sample size of over 10,000 respondents aged 18 years and above.

The annual exercise carried out since 2009 is part of the Sciences Po University's academic study titled “the political confidence barometer” that has become a yardstick to gauge the attitude, opinions and mood of the French people in politics.

Responses to other popular questions about the economy, social justice and migrants reinforced traditional beliefs.

For example, 73% of respondents (5% more compared to the last year) are of the opinion that the current economy benefits the bosses at the expense of those who work, 63% (up by 3%) believe there are too many immigrants in France, 60% (up by 9 %) think the unemployed could find work if they really wanted to. Interestingly, 57% said it would be necessary to take from the rich to give to the poor to establish social justice.