Missiles hit Khor Mor gas field in northern Iraq

Investigation launched to identify perpetrators of attack, local media reports

2022-06-22 19:28:29


The Khor Mor gas field in Iraq's eastern province of Sulaymaniyah was attacked with missiles, local media reported on Wednesday.

Security forces launched an investigation to identify the perpetrators of the incident, according to Iraqi media outlets.

The Shekhan district of the country's Duhok governorate also came under a missile attack on Tuesday, local authorities said, adding there were no casualties in the attack.

Meanwhile, an uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) bombed the Pirmam highway of the northern Erbil province on June 8, injuring three civilians and damaging several civilian vehicles.

The Security Council of the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) had announced that the UAV used in the attack was directed from the northern Kirkuk province by the Hezbollah militants.

The KRG anti-terror teams had also reported that Erbil was attacked with 12 ballistic missiles on March 13 from outside the country.

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps had claimed responsibility for the attack on what it claimed was an Israeli "strategic center" in Erbil in northern Iraq's Kurdish region.

* Writing by Merve Berker