World Sepsis Day 2022: Most common disease in the world

Around 50M cases of sepsis seen worldwide every year, says head of Turkish Society of Intensive Care

2022-09-13 21:10:50


Sepsis is the most common disease worldwide, leading to organ failure, shock, and death, especially if it is not recognized early, the head of the Turkish Society of Intensive Care said Tuesday to mark World Sepsis Day 2022.

"Around 50 million cases of sepsis are seen worldwide every year. At least 11 million die. It kills one person every 2.8 seconds in the world," Oktay Demirkiran said at a news conference in the capital of Ankara.

World Sepsis Day is celebrated on Sept. 13 annually to raise awareness about the disease and draw attention to preventing infections.

Sepsis occurs as the body responds to an infection and injures tissues and organs, said Demirkiran.

"Recognizing sepsis correctly and following the symptoms, early diagnosis and treatment are very important," he said, adding that it is very important to start antibiotic treatment "correctly and on time. Every hour of delay reduces patients' chances of survival by about 8%. Antibiotic therapy should be started within the first hour.”

He went on to say that sepsis can affect all age groups but those with chronic diseases, children under 1, adults older than 60, and those without a spleen and with weakened immune systems are in a high-risk group.

Additionally, most casualties from the coronavirus are related to sepsis, he said.

Touching upon the importance of improving prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, he said rapid diagnostic tools and laboratory facilities should be developed and disseminated in terms of early diagnosis, adding that national action plans should be developed.