Unity, solidarity against common threats key for NATO, Türkiye tells US

No progress possible on NATO bids until Sweden, Finland meet Ankara's demands, Turkish official reiterates

2022-06-23 19:40:49


There must be unity, harmony and solidarity among NATO allies against common security and terrorist threats, Türkiye's Presidential spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin said in a phone call with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on Thursday. 

Along with bilateral political and economic ties, the officials held discussions on Türkiye's role in NATO and contributions to the alliance, the upcoming NATO Madrid summit, Sweden and Finland's NATO bids, grain shipments through the Black Sea and other regional issues, according to a statement from the Turkish presidential spokesperson.

They exchanged views on issues on the agenda for next week's NATO summit, including its new Strategic Concept, the Ukraine war, the fight against terrorism, the global food crisis and other security issues, the statement said.

Kalin emphasized that NATO allies must have a unified stance against common security and terrorist threats, reiterating that Sweden and Finland must fulfill Türkiye's demands and expectations in the fight against terrorism.

Since Sweden and Finland formally applied to join NATO last month, Türkiye, a longstanding member of the alliance, has repeatedly voiced objections over the countries' tolerance, and even support, for terrorist groups, particularly the PKK terrorist organization.

Kalin stressed that no progress could be made on the matter until Sweden and Finland take concrete steps.

He underlined that it was unacceptable that PKK/PYD/YPG supporters are disseminating propaganda in Stockholm and through the media while Ankara remains engaged in talks with the two Nordic countries.

He also conveyed that Türkiye is continuing negotiations with Ukraine and Russia on creating a safe corridor for grain shipments through the Black Sea.

Achieving results from this negotiation process, which includes the UN, is of strategic importance for global food security, he added.