Turkiye's fourth drilling ship arrives at Tasucu Port in southern Mersin province

After 2-month stint in Mersin, ship expected to sail to Eastern Mediterranean Sea

2022-05-19 10:43:11


Turkiye's fourth drilling ship arrived at its destination in the Tasucu Port in the southern province of Mersin on May 19.

The ship started its journey from the Okpo Port in South Korea on March 7 and will stay at the port in Mersin for about two months in preparation for its first drilling exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean sea.

The new vessel is a seventh-generation, deep-water drillship, one level higher than the three other ships, Fatih, Kanuni, and Yavuz, in the country's fleet.

The addition to the fleet is part of the national policy to advance technology and use local equipment for energy projects.

Ship capable of drilling depths of 12,200 meters

The ship, with a tower height of 104 meters, will be the fourth drillship to join Turkiye's fleet of other drilling and exploration vessels; Fatih, Kanuni, and Yavuz.

The 238-meter-long and 42-meter-wide ship, equipped with seventh-generation advanced technology, and a crew of 200 is expected to hold its first drilling task in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The ship also has an active positioning system and is capable of drilling to depths of 12,200 meters. The ship is currently called "Cobalt Explorer" but will be renamed.