Turkiye's eastern Anatolia region has 'great potential' for outdoor sports: Mountaineer

Tunc Findik, 1st Turkish climber to summit Mount Everest twice, tells of various outdoor sports, including ice climbing, ski touring

2022-01-20 16:16:20

ERZURUM, Turkiye

With its mountainous landscape, Turkiye's eastern Anatolia region is quite suitable for outdoor sports and carries a "great potential," said a Turkish mountaineer.

Tunc Findik, the first Turkish climber to summit Mount Everest twice, told Anadolu Agency that the eastern Anatolia region offers various options for people to do outdoor sports in all seasons.

"There is ice climbing, ski touring, mountain climbing (you can do) in the winter season," he said.

Findik has so far climbed 13 of the world's 14 highest mountains over 8,000 kilometers (nearly 5,000 miles).

He said there are several important mountains in the eastern Anatolia region, such as Mount Agri, Mount Kackar, and Palandoken.

"The potential of the eastern Anatolia region is great," Findik said, referring to the various outdoor sports to be performed in the region.