NATO, Ukraine renew cooperation agreement on technology

This comes days after more than 70 websites of Ukrainian government were attacked by massive cyberattack

2022-01-17 16:53:26


NATO and Ukraine on Monday renewed an agreement to deepen cooperation on technology-related projects, including cybersecurity.

“We will deepen our collaboration with Ukraine to support them in modernizing their information technology and communications services, while identifying areas where training may be required for their personnel,” said Ludwig Decamps, the general manager of the NATO Communications and Information Agency.

NATO and Ukraine signed their first agreement on technological cooperation in 2015 that laid the ground, among others, for a regional airspace security program providing early notification and coordination on airspace threats.

Under the renewed agreement, NATO and Ukraine will enhance their cooperation on cybersecurity as well, including access for Ukraine to NATO's malware information sharing platform.

On Friday, more than 70 websites of the Ukrainian government were attacked by a massive cyberattack.

“All evidence indicates that Russia is behind the cyberattack,” the Ukrainian Digital Development Ministry said on Sunday.

The cyberattack came after key talks between Russian officials and Western partners on European security arrangements ended without any progress.