Jordan's King Abdullah restricts Prince Hamza's movement, communication

King Abdullah II says Hamza lives in delusion, sees himself as sole guardian of family legacy

2022-05-19 17:59:39

AMMAN, Jordan 

Jordan's King Abdullah II issued a royal decree Thursday to restrict his half-brother Prince Hamza's communications, place of residence, and movement.

The decision was declared in a letter from Abdullah to the Jordanian people, according to a statement by the Jordanian Royal Court.

Abdullah said he issued the decree after reviewing a recommendation submitted to him on Dec. 23.

The Jordanian monarch said he chose to deal with Hamza within the confines of their family and he "exhausted all opportunities to restore himself on the right path" but came to the conclusion "that he will not change."

Abdullah said Hamza lives in delusion and he "sees himself as the sole guardian of our Hashemite legacy."

Authorities announced last year that "preliminary investigations" showed the involvement of Hamza with "foreign parties" in "attempts to destabilize the security of the country" and "mobilizing citizens against the state."

The accusations were denied by Hamza and in April he signed a letter confirming his loyalty to the king.

Days later, Abdullah said in a speech that a "rift" with Hamza was over.

*Writing by Ahmed Asmar in Ankara