Event marking Turkish Cuisine Week attracts great attention in Austria

Turkish cuisine is unique opportunity for promoting culture, consolidating friendships, says Turkiye's envoy in Vienna

2022-05-23 02:38:57


An event marking Turkish Cuisine Week was held over the weekend in Austria's capital city of Vienna.

Among those attending were Turkiye's Ambassador to Austria, Ozan Ceyhun, his spouse Azize Ceyhun and the head of the Vienna Yunus Emre Institute, Ayse Yorulmaz, as well as many guests.

As part of the event, which attracted great interest from visitors, Turkish coffee and ice cream were served at stands set up in front of the Yunus Emre Fountain in the Turkenschanzpark, known for its interesting and rare botanical plants.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ceyhun informed the guests that the Turkish Presidency and the Culture and Tourism Ministry declared May 21-27 as Turkish Cuisine Week, adding Turkish cuisine is being promoted around the world with various events during this time.

He also noted that two more events will be held during the week where Turkish food will be offered to the guests, while in the last event of the week, his spouse along with the wives of other diplomats will be preparing Turkish food.

"You know, culture is the best promotional tool. If we introduce our culture in the right way, then it will be much easier for them to understand us, then it will be much easier for friendships to be consolidated. In this respect, Turkish cuisine is a unique opportunity," Ceyhun said.

Turkish Cuisine Week aims to showcase Turkish dishes “with all their original qualities as the crown of our tables,” according to the Turkish Presidency.

*Writing by Jeyhun Aliyev from Ankara