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Two German Turks among 15 killed in Europe storm

The Europe storm death toll rose to 15 after German officials reported that two German Turks were killed when a tree fell on their automobile in the city of Essen on Tuesday.
Osman Altan, 39, and his niece Erva Altan, 12, died at the scene of accident, and Osman's children Eren, 7, and Aynisa, 10, were wounded. The victims' bodies were brought to Turkey on Tuesday to be buried in their hometown of Malatya on Wednesday afternoon.

Monday's storm was one of the worst in years in western and northern Europe. Authorities said Tuesday that dozens were injured in Denmark as 194-kph (120-mph) gusts swept across the country.

In Denmark, train passengers spent the night in a sports facility due to fallen trees on the tracks. The storm left a trail of uprooted trees, damaged buildings and collapsed scaffolds across the country.

Germany had six deaths, Britain five, Denmark two and France and the Netherlands had one each.