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Ban Ki-moon worried about custodies in Egypt

Ban Ki-moon expressed his uneasiness about ongoing custodies of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) leaders
Secretary General of United Nations (UN) Ban Ki-moon expressed concern about ongoing custodies of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) leaders.

Ban spoke on the phone with Egypt's Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Kemal Amr, and said that he was also worried about warrants of arrest about some other Ikhwan members.

According to the statement of spokesperson for the Secretary-General, Ban reminded Amr to take his international responsibilities, and wanted respect on freedom of speech and the rallies.

Ban stressed that revenge and the discrimination of important groups were irrelevant, adding,"I support the will of public in Egypt."

Ban also made a call for peaceful dialog and participation of all parties, stressing, "Egyptian government is responsible for the public."(AA)