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Orphans plant thousands of trees

Orphans cared by IHH were also among the participants of the tree-planting event.
TIMETURK / News Center

Orphans cared by IHH were also among the participants of the tree-planting event. The event which had the slogan of, “A Green Sapling to Soil, Warm Greetings to Hearts,” took place in Tayakadın neighborhood of Arnavutköy on March 2 and was attended by Arnavutköy Mayor AhmetHaşimiBaltacı, IHH deputy Chairman DurmuşAydın, ÇEKÜD Chairman SüleymanYorulmaz, orphans, orphans’ families and many charity volunteers.

Speaking ahead of the tree-planting event, Arnavutköy Mayor Baltacı said: “We have been experiencing several beauties here. We are both complying with a recommendation of our prophet on tree planting and joining in a social event with orphans who need care and attention most.”

For his part, IHH’s Aydın said a tree-planting event was simultaneously taking place in more than 10 provinces in Turkey as part of the Orphan Solidarity Days, which will be marked for the third time this year. He said thousands of trees will have been planted in the country thanks to this event. Aydın also added that 230 projects will be carried out in 39 countries as part of Orphan Solidarity Days.

He also noted that IHH will continue to organize joint projects with ÇEKÜD and offered his thanks to the attendants of the event and those who support orphans.

ÇEKÜD’s Yorulmaz said his association organizes dozens of tree-planting events every year and voiced his appreciation for IHH’s work.

“IHH, which receives applause for its work in the international scale, is today doing its best to make orphans happy and we should not ignore this. We are very happy to make the slightest contribution to the IHH efforts to this effect,” he said.

Following the speeches, ÇEKÜD officials gave some information to the participants of the event about tree planting. The first tree was planted by Arnavutköy Mayor Baltacı while Aydın and Yorulmaz planted trees together with orphans.

Children who planted trees with their families and charity volunteers had a lot of fun. The event was concluded with a lunch offered by Arnavutköy Municipality.