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9-Year Old Child and Kicked by Israeli Soldier

Child abuse is child abuse, regardless of whose boot is doing the kicking
Video was just released that clearly shows a young boy being grabbed and then kicked by two adult men- Israeli soldiers.

The Palestinian child, 9-year old Abdul Rahman Al-Burgan, was outside his home and was attempting to walk from the side of the house to the front, when a soldier accosted the boy and forced him to the ground. Another soldier quickly ascended on the kid to give him a hard kick while being held.

This takes place at 1:12 on the video, about half way through the piece. And be warned, the child's screams are blood-curdling.

The family lives near the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron in the occupied West Bank. A family member is video taping the soldiers through the barred windows of their home when the youngster comes into view.

This is the second time in less than a month that this particular child has been beaten. He is an easy mark. His father was in a car accident and injured his leg about a year ago, and since then has had difficulty in providing food for his children. His children have to go out of the house to help take care of daily tasks. They are at risk every time they go outside.

Young Abdul is afraid. Like most children living under occupation, he has not experienced a "real" childhood. There is no safe playground, no safe path to school, no safe sidewalk to ride bikes on, no safe grocery store to buy milk at. Helicopters overhead are a well-known terror.

These kids worry every time a "police man" is on their street. There is no such thing as "to protect and serve" in their vocabulary, the police rarely, if ever, there to protect Palestinians. Children or not.

In this case, the Israeli soldiers are directly abusive. Despite the child's screaming and begging, the soldiers' aggression had not been satisfied. After one last kick from a soldier's boot, he was cast off and ran to safety, struck with fear.

The soldiers, as you can see in the video, swiftly moved out in search for their next young victim. Who are they? One of these two soldiers is very identifiable. Please send Salem-News.com their names, if you have them.